The government approved the volume of housing construction in Belarus in 2020-2021. How many will be built in the Grodno region?

13:32 / 14.01.2020
The government approved the volume of housing construction in Belarus in 2020-2021. The corresponding resolution of the Council of Ministers of December 31, 2019 No. 969 was officially published today on the National legal Internet portal, BelTA reports.

Правительство утвердило объемы строительства жилья в Беларуси в 2020-2021 годах. Сколько построят в Гродненской области?

In total, 4 million square meters of housing should be introduced in 2020. Of this amount, for those who stand on the account in need and is built with state support, provided 984,13 thousand sqm In 2021 want to put 3.5 million square metres of housing, including for the needy and under construction with state support - 683,7 thousand sq m (subject to the availability of funding sources, including loans).

Plan for 2020 to the Minsk area - 1.12 million square meters, Brest - 650 thousand square meters, in the city of Minsk - 630 thousand square meters, Gomel oblast - 485 thousand square meters In the Grodno region planned commissioning of 415 thousand square meters, in Mogilev - 365 thousand square meters, in Vitebsk - 335 thousand sq. m. In the first half need to type at least 35% of the planned for 9 months - 65%.

Rental housing will be built 135 thousand square meters, with the most in the Minsk region-30.5 thousand square meters and Minsk-22.3 thousand square meters.

In satellite cities, it is planned to build housing for almost a thousand people. Almost half of them will get apartments in Smolevichi. 100 people will improve housing conditions in Zhabinka and Fanipol, a little less than a hundred-in Logoisk, 80-in Dzerzhinsk, 60-in Skidel, 58-in Rudensk and 10-in Zaslavl. For these purposes, the Bank's credit resources are provided in the amount of Br43. 32 million.

The volume of housing financing for large families will amount to Br929. 19 million. the Introduction of housing in 2020 is planned for 10,154 large families.

In General, the credit resources of banks allocated in 2020 to Finance housing construction (excluding infrastructure costs) will amount to Br983. 03 million.

The resolution also stipulates that from 2020 all multi-apartment residential buildings will be designed and built in energy-efficient performance.

The regional Executive committees and Minsk city Executive Committee tasked to stem the rising cost of housing construction with state support and at the expense of budget funds, ensuring the use of projects economical houses standard consumer qualities. It is also necessary to assist citizens in the construction of individual housing.

In each region and Minsk, it is necessary to ensure the construction of apartment buildings where electricity is used for heating, hot water and cooking.

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