Belarusian specialists have studied the experience of fuel transhipment at Rostov NPP

11:45 / 28.09.2018

Experts of Belarusian NPP during the visit to Rostov NPP have studied the experience of fueltranshipment, BelTA learned from Rosatom Eastern Europe.

Belarusian specialists have studied the experience of fuel transhipment at Rostov NPP

Belarusian experts were interested in the experience of nuclear fuel transhipment, so the time of their visit coincided with the planned preventive maintenance at Rostov nuclear power plant at power unit No.1, during which this technological operation was planned. In the process of nuclear fuel transshipment, the amount of spent fuel assemblies determined by calculations is extracted from the reactor, and "fresh" ones are installed.

Specialists of the nuclear power plant being built in Belarus are interested in this experience in relation to the coming physical launch of the power unit.

The visit was held under the program of cooperation between Rosenergoatom Concern JSC and Belarusian NPP for 2018. The specialists of BelNPP studied the working documentation, were able to observe the operation of nuclear fuel transshipment at the operator's workplace, got acquainted with the operation of the monitoring system, control and diagnostics of the reactor installation.

Another group of Belarusian nuclear scientists will arrive at Rostov NPP on October, 1 to get acquainted with the experience in the withdrawal of the reactor facility to a minimally controlled level.

Belarusian NPP is being built 18 km from Ostrovets (Grodno region) and will consist of two power units of Russian WWER-1200 project with a total electric capacity of 2,400 MW. For its construction, the Russian project of the new generation nuclear power plant "3+" was chosen with improved technical and economic indicators, corresponding to modern "postfuskim" safety requirements, requirements of environmental and sanitary-hygienic legislation.

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