From Nigeria to the European Union Across Ostrovets

08:44 / 06.08.2018

The employees of the Smorgon border group prevented two attempts to cross the Belarusian-Lithuanian border by illegal migrants.


Four citizens of Nigeria were detained in the Ostrovets district near the state border on 1st July around midnight. They were unable to give satisfactory explanation why they were there at night.

Earlier on the same day, three unknown men of Afro-Asian origin were detained 700 meters from the border in the Oshmyany district. They also could not explain the reason for their location in that place.


The detainees were placed in the temporary detention facility of Smorgon border group for further investigation. The illegal aliens face a large fine and deportation with exclusion from Belarus for up to five years.


Из Нигерии в Евросоюз через Островец

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